Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Attending SXSW Festival for Lead Generation Purposes

Ever since 1987, people come to SXSW (South by Southwest) festival in Austin Texas in order to interact with all the best people in terms of music, interactive and film. Yes, that’s 3 festivals rolled into one to attract and gather people across the universe annually to engage, network and still have fun along the way. What can you benefit from this event?

  1. Great networking opportunities. SXSW offers a good opportunity for creating powerful connections especially with those people within your own niche or industry. This is your chance to hunt for possible b2b leads since this festival can open doors for your b2b lead generation attempts.
  2. Impressive talks. One can always enjoy SXSW festival every year especially with its impressive talks delivered by well-known creative people such as writers, filmmakers and musicians, or newbies in the industry waiting for their big break. This exciting festival provides a variety of engaging talks about some of the great topics around. It’s always highly recommended that you don’t simply stay on what interests you, but try to be present on talks with topics you vaguely know about.
  3. Boost your social networks. This is the perfect time to enhance your social skills. Just how many people are there in your Facebook account or any social network accounts which you get to engage daily but only online? SXSW is the ultimate place to be on boosting those interesting relationships. And if you engage really, well, who knows? You just may find your next sales leads and business prospects there.