Wednesday, May 8, 2013

What Is Lead Generation And How Can Businesses Benefit From It?

What would somebody who owns a business say if, one morning, he walked into his office, got behind his desk, fires up his desktop computer, checks his email inbox and found out that he has ten hot qualified leads sitting prettily? Of course, that would really make his entire day to be exciting, fruitful and, yes, very nifty or lucrative. With these marketing leads or sales leads, for sure, he knows that he is on the right path to talking to potential customers with these qualified leads and turn them into huge sales. That is what they call as lead generation. It is not actually a new form of gaining new business. As a matter of fact, it is not a new form at all but a sort of new approach on how to generate sales.

Some businesses in any industry these days would rather go out and reach out to their potential customers or to call them over the telephone before they make their “kill” rather than sitting at a trade show table for hours on end, or sitting up a display in hopes that targeted consumers will complete a form or would simply talk to them and inquire about what they are offering like some sort of products and/or services. Some would also prefer to generate qualified leads and have these marketing leads sent to them utilizing the technology of the information highway.

There are, in fact, a lot of ways to generate qualified leads these days and most of them can be considered as outbound marketing, meaning, companies selling different products and/or offering services are the ones reaching to the potential clients instead of waiting around for customers to come to them which is called as the opposite of outbound marketing which is inbound marketing. Perhaps, one of the most common ways to generate qualified leads is through the telephone or the use of telemarketing services. Some companies have employed and trained people to become professional telemarketers. They call them as professional appointment setters because they don’t actually sell something over the telephone and close that sale. What they are doing is to make and arrange some face-to-face appointments between their boss or their sales supervisor or sales manager and the decision maker of their clients. They don’t sell but they are just sharing an idea that can be a solution to a concern or problem of a client. By telemarketing services, they can gather and generate qualified leads by knowing a little bit more of the client, how they run their business and what their needs are. Once they have these information, they will pass these to their sales force and let the sales force of the supervisor of that department to talk with the client’s decision maker.

Other than telemarketing services, they can also generate marketing leads and sales leads through SEO or search engine optimization especially if their potential client has its own website. If there are companies that want to have their own lead generation campaign but can’t manage to do so, they can have the option to hire professional telemarketers or professional appointment setters and SEO specialists from b2b lead generation companies.

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Your Way To Hire The Best Lead Generation Service Company

Have you ever wondered why clients after clients patronize that particular salon along downtown? Why a small food establishment near your school is always flooded with customers? And why does your entrepreneur friend never stops to supply her products to her customers and even taking seemingly endless orders? Well, it’s because people behind these businesses have properly marketed their products and services, thus resulting to the growth of their sales.

Marketing and sales always go side by side; what will happen to one, will surely have an effect to another, and vice versa. Indeed, the success of any type of business is greatly influenced by both marketing and sales.

And while it may sound easy to do the marketing in small businesses such as ones stated above, it can also get complicated especially in the case of B2B lead generation wherein its process include a much complex form of market and sales.

This is now where the good lead generation service company enters the scene. As every businessman knows, lead generation is a vital factor to consider while running any type of business; and for this reason, it is important to generate the best, most successful leads as possible. However, as a business owner, you can never do all those things alone, therefore it is better for you to hire a company that provides the best lead generation services. And in the context of ‘best’, we mean a service provider that:

  • Has a vast amount of data availability that is essential in the operation of generating leads 
  • Can effectively determine key market factors in the industry 
  •  Can provide accurate date 
  •  Is technologically advanced so as not to be left behind in the race of having cutting-edge equipment in the operation 
  • Has top performing telemarketing representatives 
  • Has a well organized internal processes (metrics and marketing intelligence).