Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Want Effective Appointment Setting Process? Read This

If done properly, appointment setting method can be really effective. In order to prevent or at least reduce the objections from the prospects, here are some processes be the guidelines of each telemarketer.

Step 1. Get your list of prospects.
Acquiring a list of qualified sales leads is the beginning of the whole appointment setting service. This should also be filtered pertinent to the target audience of the company.

Step 2. Validate the authenticity of the list.
A telemarketer must then verify the accuracy of the facts of each lead. It’s just a waste of time to contact phone numbers which never exist.

Step 3. Make use of email.
By making use of email and direct mail, businesses must send marketing collateral.This activity doesn’t attempt to immediately sell but to generate buzz. Sending mails would prod prospects to anticipate a call from the firm.

Step 4. Make the follow-up call.
In this step, the appointment setter contacts the prospect. The initial conversation involves confirmation if the qualified lead received the marketing collateral or not yet. And if yes, the telemarketer keeps on with the appointment.

Step 5. Set the appointment.
The aim of the call is to assign the customer and sales rep with a time wherein the two of them are available.

Step 6. Follow up successful appointments.
Follow up regularly the prospects since there may be some schedule modifications. Nonetheless, don’t try to annoy them.

But for those not so successful appointments, telemarketers should contact the prospects for they form a portion of the potential sales leads.

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