Monday, January 21, 2013

Generating Leads With Foursquare

The virtual world has certainly offered numerous ways of expanding the sales and market of businesses all over the world. From the advantages it offers to both small and big business, it has surely opened a wide array of favorable circumstances for business lead generation.

More and more businesses are engaging to market their product and services through the social media, and one of which is via foursquare, a leading location-based social network that offers a platform for businesses to reach their audience in the most affordable and convenient way.

At the present, the Foursquare is considered to be the king of location-based services because of its feature that enables the people to check into the locations they’ve visited via the app on their smart phones. Once they have checked into a location, it can now be shared with their foursquare friends, facebook friends, and twitter followers.

This is now where marketing your business becomes effective on foursquare because users’ friends can see where they are checking in to eat, shop, work, etc., which can influence them to do the same upon reading the users’ tips, recommendations, suggestions, and reviews.

With nearly 10M users and 1M businesses on Foursquare, you might as well try to set your bars higher by building your customer base through this trending location-based app. And why foursquare? It’s because this king of service helps businesses to build stronger relationship with customers, functioning as a loyalty program, and a virtual word-of mouth. Plus, the business gets added exposure and endorsement through network users.

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