Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Telemarketing As An Effective Tool for Lead Generation

Generating business leads is the key to significantly increase business sales. If business leads are successfully converted to appointment or sale then it becomes effective. Increase in sales and revenue is an indication that your business is growing. Business leads can be your business' fountain of success and even its lifeblood.

There are various types of business leads but the most popular among of them are the qualified business leads. Qualified business leads are prospective leads that show interest in purchasing or subscribing your products and or services. Interest in products and or services can be determined through product or service inquiry, request for additional product or service materials or simply by word of mouth.

Having your own business lead generation campaign gives you the business advantage that other companies do not have. But what if you do not have the skills and manpower to generate business leads on your own? Creating your own business lead generation campaign can be a daunting task to you or your staff. Time, experience and skills are the other factors that you need to consider. Does your business got what it takes to create your own business lead generation campaign?

Telemarketing is one way that you can generate business leads. Using a telemarketing company to handle your business lead generation campaign is the best option you have. Telemarketing companies provides the assurance of quality business leads. They have professionally trained staff to do your business lead generation campaign. In choosing the right telemarketing company, look for companies that specialize in lead generation and appointment setting and has the experience in doing business in your industry. Telemarketing can be an effective tool for lead generation if done with the right telemarketing company.


  1. Telemarketing is one of the ways through which you can get a lot of leads for your company. People often mistake telesales fro telemarketing. Telemarketing comprises of making calls to people in order to sell a product or service, customer support, generating leads etc., but telesales is all about selling products or services over the phone.

  2. Hi Melvin,

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts about the difference between telemarketing and telesales. Actually today, there are many telemarketers and it really takes a long time to find a good telemarketer. That's why there's a b2b telemarketing company that offers outsource telemarketing services so it will be easy for companies to have telemarketers. The good thing also is, companies can save more because instead of hiring new applicants and spend money for training, they can "hire" a trained agent from a call center to handle an account and market the product.