Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Sales Leads: Companies’ Lifeblood

Sales leads are considered the lifeblood of most companies. A good sales person can make hundreds of thousands of dollars a year with sales leads that are properly qualified. Unfortunately, finding a company that knows the inside secrets of generating sales leads and properly qualifying sales leads is like finding a needle in a haystack.

Look no more. Callbox generates only the most qualified leads using outbound telemarketing. Sales leads generated through telemarketing are of the highest quality. Telemarketing is an interactive two-way communication. By asking specific relevant questions, you can determine who your best prospects are, and who are not. Qualified sales leads maximize your sales force’s valuable time and increase your return on investment.

Callbox specializes in carefully reaching through your target market, and producing qualified sales leads. With today’s dialing technology, it is more cost effective to outsource your sales lead generation to telemarketing company that specializes on it, rather than doing it in-house.

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