Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Happy Smiles Lead to Happy Customers

One reason why telemarketers from call centers worldwide do not reach their sales quota is because they don't sound interesting over the phone. Most people would want to talk to someone who can sound interesting and appealing. This is to let customers know that the telemarketer knows what they are selling and know that it is the right product or service that their customers need.

From the start of the call, professional telemarketers should sound interested at the same time keeping a level of professionalism over the phone. If the tone and speech of the telesales agent would be appealing, then that agent is off to a running start to a sale, but when they sound hesitant the customer would most probably give a reason to not buy their product and hang up the phone.

Take for example these two opening scripts:

“Hello John! This is Katie calling from----We met last month during that press conference, how are things going? You said that you were interested in purchasing one of our products because of---- In actuality, we are now offering----”

or this one,

“Hello John, this is Katie from---- We are offering a new product called---- and we would like to know if you are interested in purchasing it or some of our products... ?”

In these examples, we can see that the first opening script would be the most effective than the second one since the first one lets the customer know that the agent is interested in the conversation rather than immediately trying to close the sale. When phone relationships are built from telemarketer to agent, chances are the phone call will end in a sale thus letting the business gain more profit.


  1. I totally agree with you. That's why most call center put a mirror to each cubicle of their agents so that they can see their facial expressions. Smiling during a call can really mean a difference.
    -Philippine call center

  2. I must say that you have your point about that. Some of the customers really got annoyed when they've received calls and the ones that are talking to them doesn't really sound interesting on what they are saying. I hope that they could have a proper training on what they should sound like when they are making their calls to attract customers. By the way, thank so much for the post.


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