Thursday, November 4, 2010

Telemarketing and Telesales - Which is Which?

Telemarketing and telesales are two words that are commonly used today. Although there are similarities between the two, what they represent can be different. A lot of people use both words in different scenarios but not all people really know what these two words mean.

Most business firms today use the term telemarketing whenever a phone call is issued to prospect clients. This includes the advertising of their products and services as well as letting their customer purchase them over the phone.

When properly used, telemarketing and telesales mean two different things. When we say telemarketing, it is a service that is used to generate customer feedback, generates interests and opportunities by the use of advertising, provides qualified leads, and generates and finalizes appointments by the use of the telephone. Whereas telesales only means that it is a service that tries to persuade and sell products and services by the use of the telephone.

To make a brief description, telemarketing creates sales leads, prospects for businesses, and creates an advertising campaign. After telemarketing is done, telesales can be used to make those opportunities into profit and sales for a business firm.

Aside from telemarketing and telesales to be different by meaning, how they are to be used are also different. Telemarketing agents are people who are good at attracting probable customers but may lack in closing a sale. Telesales agents are those who are readily skilled and talented on how to close a sale. With these descriptions, the reason why people get confused on what word to use is because telemarketing and telesales always work closely together.

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