Monday, December 6, 2010

Cold-calling Is Not Cold After All

Many will say that cold-calling is a dull, boring and a less interesting job. If it really it is, then perhaps, it will be fair to say that cold-callers are dull, boring, and less interesting people. After all, who does a cold-calling job? Additionally, this is supported by human nature itself that our actions tell us who we really are.

It does not need to be Einstein-like to know how to get fun while being effective in cold-calling. Some telemarketers thought that cold-calling is a daily struggle when in fact it is a challenge. It is a goal that when achieved through practice and skills, brings a lot of fun. Who says doing business is not fun? I digress.

Here are the following reasons why cold-calling is too far from the common misconception of “dull, boring and less interesting”.

1. Your work provides solutions to the company, the client of the company and the sales leads. There could be no greater hell than to be of little help. You work is to seek those who have existing problems and to provide immediate solutions to them. The joy it brings is a hundredfold to yourself. You become happier when you know that someone you had helped is happy, even to strangers.
2. Cold-calling is one way to meet new people. Though it might not be the right place, it cannot be denied that a phone call is another avenue for you to meet new people. When your mission is to be friends with these prospects by providing them with the solutions of their problems, you will be stimulated to be more productive.
3. Cold-calling is an education in itself. You learn both good communication and interpersonal skills.

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