Monday, December 6, 2010

Cold-Calling Tips: Prepare Before Calling To Ensure Success

When a person is armed with good attitude, an arsenal skills and wit, it would be very difficult for failure to allow such man on bended knows. With cold-calling, the same applies. If telemarketers are unprepared, there is a fat chance that a phone conversation would end in tears of disappointment.

An objection fired in a cold call has become usual that it would be rare for a cold-caller not to hear a single rejection. To effectively manage oppositions, preparation is the best remedy. When is an individual deemed prepared? Here are several ways:

• Dig up information through research and do this before a phone call is made. With this, you will have relevant topics to discuss with your sales leads. Moreover, it will catch the prospects' attention. After all, what they want to talk is on things that can improve them professionally and/or personally.
• Make your prospects anticipate your call. This can be done by sending a marketing collateral through direct mail, email, fax voicemail. Just be assured that the message had been received before initiating a phone call.
• Prepare a testimonial statement. This contains how your company had been a good aid to previous clients. Then connect this idea with how your firm can do the same with the prospects.
• Create a FAQ's list and try answering them. This will boost your self-esteem and reduce anxiety.
• Don't stop practicing. Keep in mind that cold-calling is a profession. It can only be polished through experiences and constant practice.
• Improve your skills. This can be made possible by following the preceding statements.

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