Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Onshore vs. Offshore Telemarketing Services

Onshore companies pertain to those who are within the jurisdiction of a certain city or country within the same locale as the business who are in need of their services; whereas an offshore company is outside the jurisdiction of said city or country.

Hiring telemarketing services of either onshore or offshore telemarketers will depend which of these two options would prove the most advantageous road to take for a business. Each of these two options has their own set of advantages and disadvantages. Let us take a look at their benefits and drawbacks to let you know which is more beneficial for your sales campaign.

Onshore telemarketing

When a business plans to target onshore telemarketing companies for their sales campaign, they can get a hold of most businesses within their locale. This means that they are able to effectively make a name out of themselves.

The downside is that these companies may have a limited number of entries within their database. The reason is that they only target businesses within one or maybe two cities and this provides very little chances of growth.

Offshore telemarketing

Offshore telemarketing companies provide a more diverse database as they are able to reach businesses and other companies from all sorts of locales over the entire globe. Businesses can make their brand name more widely known as they are able to spread their company's name to cities and countries from halfway around the globe.

One downside to hiring an offshore telephone marketing company is that even though they have a pretty diverse database, they do not have full knowledge of a particular locale's culture; thus there may arise a bit of confusion during calls.


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