Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The Nuts and Bolts of Effective Cold-Calling Services

In telemarketing, cold-calling is one of the most crucial function in lead generation. Through this service, the end result of the entire program is determined. Poor teleprospecting job sprouts poor sales leads. However, if done properly, qualified sales leads are assured to be generated.

Therefore, it is important that companies in the United Kingdom ought to choose a telemarketing partner that performs exceptionally in cold-calling, not a pretentious firm that hastens a campaign but with mediocre results. British firms have to know the nuts and bolts of cold-calling services and here they are:

• Cold-calling is definitely not a numbers game. It is on the quality of the prospects where cold-calling's function is focused, not on the ability to gather a large sum of poor leads.
• Call guides must be well-written. All call centres are using call scripts as a guide for the agents. The content of this set of instructions must be evaluated first by British clients. The details must be directed in qualifying a sales leads, excluding unnecessary stuffs like asking for a day's weather.
• Cold-callers' abilities. Human factor is still the dominating aspect which will determine the success of teleprospecting. Even with good scripts, incompetent telemarketers are going to destroy the entire lead generation program. It is then a necessity that outsourcers ensure the capability of their employees. A set of skills which range from marketing to verbal communications must be satisfactory.
• Digging up of information before initiating a call. No cold-caller can qualify a sales lead without doing a research before he/she makes a phone call. Gaining knowledge is an advantage in keeping up a conversation over the phone and revealing the level of interest that a prospect has.

A general rule in picking an outsourcer of lead generation for UK firms is to assess cold-calling practices of a particular telemarketing firm. Clients must be satisfied with how teleprospecting is done before jumping into a final decision.

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