Friday, April 8, 2011

Doing B2B? Don't Hard-Sell, Get Appointments

For any B2B firm that employs telemarketing services to generate sales, it usually also means that they have lead generation done for them so they can get B2B leads. And when you give professional telemarketers the leads they need, then they are sure to be able to generate income for your company. Many others have chosen to outsource their telemarketing needs with outbound telemarketing call centers to get them the sales they need. However, just what exactly should telemarketing be doing for B2B firms?

Well, the answer is appointment setting. When it comes to B2B, getting a closed deal or sale through the phone just won't happen with the snap of a finger. No, it's going to take a lot more than just a single phone call to make your prospect decide to go into contract with you. And the error that some firms have is that even if they are mainly doing B2B transactions, they still hard-sell their products and services through telemarketing. However, this shouldn't really be done since this disinterests your prospects and you might as well kiss your sale goodbye if you try hard-selling through the phone.

Appointment setting, however, gets you in contact with the prospect. And instead of hastily presenting costs right there and the, you give your prospect something to think about. And if he agrees to an appointment, then it's all up to you and your marketing professionals to make sure that you get a closed deal or a sale.

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