Sunday, May 30, 2010

Increase Your Telemarketing Sales

For a business to survive, generating sales is very important. To increase number of their sales, companies utilizes telemarketing and telemarketing lead generation as techniques. Above all of these, cutting back customers rejection and increasing sales number through telemarketing is the main goal.

Here’s my quick guide to help increase telemarketing sales:

Know your customer first - Find out much information about your client as possible. You should not jump immediately with a sales pitch. Start it by initiating open-ended questions to evaluate what kind of products or services they are looking for.

Promote your product - Speak about your products’ benefit. Generating interest with your own product attracts customers’ interest.

Describe your product in a detailed way – Keeping things straight and simple will help customers visualize using the product. Avoid being overly technical.

Have a personalized sales pitch – Use customers’ name in the entire conversation. Avoid setting strict questions. Keep the conversation casual as much as possible.

Start from the top – Offer the most expensive services first. If the customer refuses to it, don’t be discouraged. Work down your way to offer lower cost options. Avoid pushy and threatening statements. Don’t cross the line.

Seal the deal with a commitment. If the customer asks for a call back in a specific date and time, take note of it. Don’t just assume. Customers like it when you listen to their instructions and follow what they want.

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