Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Understanding the Nature of Telemarketing

Being a direct marketing strategy, telemarketing helps network sales associates and potential clients, your business with other businesses and the like. There are ways by which you can establish and retain clients through telemarketing. You will always want to make your customers loyal, so you need to be memorable. Whether your telemarketing is for outbound or inbound calls, lead generation or sales, here are various ways to apply marketing methods to meet your telemarketing needs:

First, be involved with your customers by knowing how they take their calls. If they answer by giving their first or last name, address them as they introduced themselves. Second, acknowledge the name they give. Always address them with their last name to sound professionally. Third, make them remember you in a positive note. Many telemarketing sales are not made from the first call, so make sure that you will give them a return or callback number including the area code. Repeat the number twice if said unclearly. Do not hard sell. Simply give your customers reasons to purchase your product immediately. Understand what your customers need and provide them. If you can not meet what they need, refer to those who can help them. Always give them truthful messages. If they can trust you then they will on coming back.

Try to have these ideas for negotiating and establishing a relationship with your customers. Take them to identify shortcomings in their plans provide and it with the quality of your product and service. Give them the quality service that they may remember you always.

Outsourcing to a call center company can help you with your telemarketing needs. Call center companies provides professionally- trained staff to handle your telemarketing campaign. Thus, you and your company are assured with quality service and customer satisfaction.


  1. From the points sited, I will say that we also need to build rapport to our customers and make sure that the term "what's in it for me" will be addressed to the customers. Telesales outsourcing is beneficial if its done properly. Telemarketers must strictly follow guidelines to achieve the set goals and to provide better telesales service.

  2. I agree that telemarketing is a big help to expand network sales and find potential clients for big businesses.

    Since many businesses today trust b2b telemarketing companies, a b2b company makes sure that every agent has undergone training. They use the process of telemarketing outsource to ensure that they provide quality agents for their clients.

    This is the reason why many big businesses trust their b2b telemarketing company, because with the help of outsourced telemarketers, sales increase in a short period of time with half the time spent with staffing and costs of overhead.

  3. I have found your blog greatly benefited my business, thanks for sharing your knowledge about telemarketing