Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Outsourcing Telemarketing Service for Lead Generation

Lead Generation expands company’s market share by reaching the high-level decision makers within its target industry. Most Lead specialists are skilled in identifying prospects’ needs. They also inspire the prospect’s executives to hire telemarketing call centers to produce qualified leads and to set appointments. Outsourcing the lead process increases the company’s sales and revenues while cost is reduced. Outsourced Lead Generation eliminates a challenging management process. Telemarketing call centers add sales orientation policies to get benefits from the market. If market trends shift and changes in the global market, lead generation should be done continuously.

Lead Generation includes process of finding prospective customers, generation of leads list and the launch of a calling campaign. Here are few steps for you to generate leads:

First, set criteria to identify the prospect which a client wants to have a negotiation with. Criteria can be good points for it guides you to go exactly where you should. However, a client’s criteria must not be too specific or too general to give space to the changing market trend.

Second, your marketing representative must know his or her lead source. He must identify lead sources to use them efficiently and effectively. Build leads regularly and update them continuously.

Third, if you hire your own lead callers, you should train your staff on phone etiquette. They should know how to identify prospects, questions and issues about your service. You must also establish a workplace exclusively for the lead generation telemarketers. To have a good sales script that can guide telemarketers is also needed.

Fourth, if you engage with your own lead generation campaign, make sure to have your own automated responder, like Live Chat, wherein customers can leave inquiries when you are not around to answer the phone. It also allows them to leave their contact details to ensure that you can contact them as soon as a representative is available.

Outsourcing your leads can make them more effective and practical as compared to maintaining your own private staff to do the job for you. Outsourced lead generation telemarketing is cost-efficient. The client can simply negotiate for a month-long campaign and has the chance to end the partnership after the contract or to continue.

The companies that outsource this service will be able to save costs of training. Outsourced Lead Generation campaigns maintain their own training team that is expert in script making, phone etiquette and convincing techniques.

Moreover, telemarketing companies provide clients with regular progress reports to make sure that the representatives are performing excellently. It is best to outsource lead generation needs to an established telemarketing call center or outbound telemarketing firms for they are equipped with the latest technology and excellent people to do the campaign.


  1. It would be wise to outsourced telemarketing especially if you do not have the necessary team because it will save you from hiring and training new staff to do the job.

    There are a lot of telesales companies who would be willing to accept this work. The telesales service they can provide will involve product dissemination and generate fresh leads daily which can become successful lead generation sales if they followed proper call handling techniques.

  2. Yeah! I agree with you there, "Outsourced Lead Generation campaigns maintain their own training team that is expert in script making, phone etiquette and convincing techniques." well said. Anyway, I enjoyed reading this post and I learned a lot. Keep posting!

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